Rental Terms and Conditions


Rental Contract:

Upon Pickup or delivery of rented items, renter should inspect items and count items prior to signing the rental contract. By signing the agreement, the customer agrees all items are present and in good condition. Upon closer inspection, if an item is not satisfactory, notify us immediately for replacement.

Rental Terms:

All charges are for time out, whether used or not. We consider rentals to be from set-up time until the event is over. Unless prior authorized, late charge of 25% will be assessed for each day items are brought back late. For a Saturday event, rentals are expected by Monday afternoon.

Reserving Equipment:

Equipment will be reserved upon receipt of a signed rental contract and a non-refundable deposit. The required deposit is 50% of all charges. Equipment availability is on a first come first served basis. We recommend reserving equipment well in advance as some items are of limited quality.

Payment Terms:

The full balance of your order is due 30 days prior to your event. We accept cash or check with driver’s license number and phone number.

Rental Item Condition:

Everything must be returned in the condition in which it was upon receipt. Items need to be rinsed and free of food or decorations and kept dry to preserve staining and mildew. Linens should be shaken and free of food. A service fee will incur for items that are not free of food.

Delivery Service:

Free in town delivery for in-town orders over $250. Out-of-town deliveries will be charged $.40 a mile.

Loss or Damage:

As stated earlier, the renter should count the equipment at the time of set-up or delivery and report any shortages immediately. Our count of items is to be accepted unless we are informed immediately. The customer is responsible for any equipment not returned. The customer will be charged for missing, broken, and damaged items, including linens burned or ruined by stain or candle wax.